hello cameo!

Welcome to my little space on the web-o-sphere! A little bit about me: I am a textile/graphic designer, lover of essential oils and fur-babies, a Believer with a capital B, a history buff, and a woman trying to live a more natural life. This blog will touch a bit on all of these things…sometimes in the same post!

The name of my blog, hello cameo, is an ode to my sweet 11-year-old pup, Cameo. She was named after my Grandmother’s cameos, which my Grandfather brought back from Italy to her after fighting in WWII. Cameo jewelry is an amazing juxtaposition. It is made from coral, which takes thousands of years to create. It’s rough, jagged, and can injure. Yet the jewelry carved out of that coral is delicate, soft, smooth, and absolutely beautiful! A lot like life. It can be hard, but you can create something beautiful. Join me on my journey!

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