The past weekend, I was lucky enough to get to go spend some quality time with my nephews in Chicago. These amazing boys are growing so fast…and I feel like I am missing it because I live so far away. We often facetime, which helps, but there is nothing better than having a little guy come sit in your lap, a hand hold your face, all while telling you about his favorite Star Wars character. Makes my heart so happy!


While visiting, we decided to go on a walk to their neighborhood park. Half-way there, a butterfly landed on my younger nephews shoe…to which he immediately stated: “It’s just the BEST DAY EVER!” Oh, to be filled with that kind of joy and wonder! That sweet little phrase has stuck with me for the past week. It has helped me remember to find the joy in the everyday. So many times, as adults, we get so caught up in what we need to do, in our deadlines, in the details, that we forget to find joy in something so simple. The joy of a sweaty, three-year-olds hand holding mine, the joy of spending time cuddling on the couch and learning about Star Wars (which I have a lot to learn apparently!), the joy of a butterfly randomly landing on your shoe.

Today, go out and find something simple that brings you joy, and revel in it. Make it be your BEST DAY EVER! Then go out and do the same tomorrow.

Freedom Isn’t Free


Last night, Hubs and I finally sat down and watched the movie “American Sniper.” While watching this amazing true story of an American Hero, we had fireworks going off all over our neighborhood.

I can’t imagine how difficult the Fourth holiday is for our Vets, especially the ones suffering with PTSD. A day that is suppose to celebrate our Freedoms…and I feel like our country has forgotten about the reason we ARE free. These amazing, brave men and women, have given their lives for our freedom. For the right to say anything you want. For the right to pray how you want. For the right to celebrate by setting off fireworks. I think we (Americans whom have never been in a war-zone) can sometimes get so comfortable in our nice homes, in safe neighborhoods, in beautiful churches, that we completely forget about HOW and WHY we are able to enjoy these things.

Today, on this our nations birthday, I urge you to thank a Vet. Shake their hand. Salute. Stand up when you see the flag during a parade. Sing the National Anthem with your hand over your heart. Recite the Pledge of Allegiance with your family before sitting down to your barbeque. Say a prayer for our soldiers who are fighting for our freedoms in war zones. Tell your children how our great nation came to be. Most of all, remember. REMEMBER. Freedom isn’t free. It has been bought and paid for by the lives of many American’s. Every one of them heroes.