Cameo at Cameo Studio with a Cameo!

Cameo and I are hanging out in the studio here at Cameo Designs and Oils today. I’m making some tees and wine glasses for a sweet family that is awaiting the arrival of their first Granddaughter! Cameo, the pup, is helping (or just cheering me on), as I use my handy Silhouette Cameo to create. I LOVE my Cameo(s)!


As a graphic designer, my favorite tool is Adobe Illustrator. In order to more easily use Illustrator, I bought the plug-in, Silhouette Connect, from Silhouette America. It works great and makes transferring my designs to the cutter so much easier!

For these designs, I am using glitter HTV from Expressions Vinyl for the tee and Oracel 651 for the wineglass. Glamma-01

This particular Grandma is a bit too fancy for the title…so her family has already dubbed her “GLAMMA!” I love it! The design is simple, and really all about the glitter. On simple designs like this, I love to use positive and negative space. The only issue is the bottom looked a little light. So why not add another flourish? She is a Glamma after all!

Finished product! I think it turned out great!