Practicing Patience. Maybe.

So I caved. I took a test. My doctor told me not to, and I went and did it anyway. When you go through IVF, the “trigger” shot that releases your eggs is actually the hormone HCG. HCG is also the hormone that home pregnancy tests use to determine whether you are pregnant. Because of the IVF,  I already have the hormone floating around in my body, which means there is a much higher chance of a false positive.

Speaking of positive, I wasn’t feeling positive AT ALL. In fact, I was positive that I would be getting a negative. That the IVF didn’t work. I have been having a lot of abdomen pain that feels suspiciously like cramps. I have been a hormonal, teary, wreak. So Hubby said, “Take the test. It will at least give you some hope for the final 4 days. Just take it. You will know the hormones are working. Go pee on a stick.”

So pee on a stick I did. And guess what? I got a big ‘OL ….


YUP! God certainly has a sense of humor…and a way to make me learn some patience! I could do nothing but laugh when this question mark popped up mere seconds after starting the test. Even more funny? The fact that the brochure included with the test says NOTHING about what the heck a question mark means. It assures you that you will get a “+” or a “-” but nothing else. humph. Yup…it’s a God thing.

Point taken Sir! I will be waiting for the beta test on Monday. Again, if you could spare some time and pray for us, especially for patience, we would really appreciate it!

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